Biointimo LADIES' Intimate tissues with lactic acid 20 pcs/bag


  • after a hectic day,

  • when You have hardly time to go to the restroom,

  • or if You happen to visit a public toilet,

  • or any time at home…



  • when there is no water, no soap in sight….

  • that You in fact don't even need 

  • as the Ladies' sensitive intimate parts  may be perfectly refreshed without water and soap as well.

  • when it's time to change a tampon, or

  • to clean Your AQUA-TAMPON, or

  • before putting on new underwear, a liner or pad, or

  • simply after using the toilet, or

  • before waiting for your boyfriend, or.... ;)

You may use it whenever need some refreshment at your prescious intimate parts:

at work, while travelling, after work-outs in the gym or during a wellness weekends.


These wipes are there for you to help in any intimate situation.

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