• ECO - its best to use at activities and sports involving contact with water. But You may use it on its own as well, as alternative to pads and tampons. this one tampon may last for several years, so must not be thrown away after one single use. The more You use this tampon, instead of conventional liners or tampons, or besides them for watery occations only, the more You do for avoiding waste and saving the environment!

  • ECONOMICAL too: In addition with the ECO, You will also save money using this tampon. The price for 4 or 5 packs of conventional tampons shall buy You this single one. And as You use it year for years, the money spent on it shall be recovered sooner or later.

  • AQUA - Because it may cleaned best in water, and because it works best in watery environments too. You may swim, use a sauna, enjoy sports, showers and other wellness activities and feel pleasant, even You happen to have "those days". Say farewell to dubious stains on towels. The silicon-cup tampon shall not be weakened by moisture, shall not fall apart, but shall provide maximum flow control for as long as 10 to 12 hours, depending on the intensity of flow. After such time conventional tampons start to pose dangers, in particular if in contact with external water. It not only lets pass some flow, but absorbs everything and starts to rot at 37 degC in vaginas having an acidic pH value. In addition, there is danger of the perfidious TSS (toxic shock syndrome).


  • TAMPON -  as it must be inserted in the vagina as a usual tampon be, and as its task is to hold back menses blood flow, as usual it is for a usual tampon. BUT the silicon cup shaped material of the AQUA-TAMPON is "only" collecting the flow, it does not absorb anything, and shall neither leave behind synthetic fibres in Your body nor shall desiccate the vaginal flora as a conventional tampon does.




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